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Review of The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership by Pam Walaski

About 5 years ago, I became acquainted with Rosa Antonia Carrillo when I heard her speak at the first ASSP Women In Safety Excellence Retreat in Orlando, FL, and since then, I’ve tried not to miss a blog post, webinar or opportunity to hear from her. Her thinking about the importance of relationships and inclusion in safety have impacted on how I approach some of the very technical consulting on management systems and auditing that are part of my current job. To make sure I remember to appreciate the disconnected way in which workers sometimes behave, “Inclusion precedes accountability” is a permanent note on the whiteboard in my office.

I made sure to get on the list to obtain a copy of The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership as soon as it was published. Reading the glowing front cover reviews by influential leaders of our profession, and some of my personal favorites such as Sidney Dekker, Edgar Schein, Mei-Li Lin and Carsten Busch, I dug in, knowing I was in for a real treat.

In the first part of the book, Carrillo lays the groundwork by clarifying the role of inclusion and belonging in relationship-centered safety leadership, noting that safety outcomes are controlled, good, bad or in-between, through relationships.  (Click here to continue reading the review.)