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Trust Building for Safety Through Commitment & Accountability

Trust Building for Safety Through Commitment & Accountability

2-Day Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Discover the benefits of increased trust in your safety program. People with high injury cultures tend to hide information because they fear retaliation or lack of response to their concerns. When trust is lacking, safety programs cannot succeed regardless of how well they are designed. This workshop is for safety, organization development and human resource professionals interested in learning to facilitate trust-building dialogues with large or small groups.

We will use a proven 6-step approach to breaking the cycle of mistrust and re-establishing collaborative relationships. The material is presented in a highly interactive manner. You will have the opportunity to practice using the tools and receive feedback to develop competence.A complete manual will be provided to help you:

  • Identify the root causes of mistrust to create high-trust, high performance culture
  • Recover or create trust by using the Cycle of Mistrust model to identify and eradicate negative assumptions
  • Manage constructive dialogue
  • Use a step-by-step process to break the cycle of mistrust

3-Day Trust Building Workshop – In House

Many clients feel that their situation requires and outside facilitator. This workshop is available in-house, conducted by an outside facilitator.
How your organization will benefit:

  • Surfacing old incidents that block cooperation and trust creates the opportunity to resolve them and move on to create a positive work environment
  • Your safety program is more likely to be supported and accepted as people's intentions are trusted
  • Learn to utilize tools that facilitate communication among bosses, direct reports and coaches
  • You will develop improvement plans and the commitment to implement