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CAL/VPP Certification Support Services

CAL/VPP Certification Support Services

CAL OSHA Voluntary Protection Services

I. Opening meeting with VPP team to present what to expect in the CAL/ VPP qualification process

  • CAL OSHA VPP application guidelines
  • Audit expectations
  • Tours and walk through inspections
  • Interviews with employees & managers
  • Documentation request

II. Site tour

III. Document review

IV. Site observations

V. Employee and management interviews (20-30 min per person)

  • Safety committee members
  • Supervisors
  • Maintenance
  • OSHA record keepers
  • Contractors
  • Medical personnel
  • Managers

VI. Closing conference: summary of findings

VII. Narrative report and STAR improvement plan Implementation Support

  • Promotion of CAL/VPP to all employees
  • Supervisor and management education
  • Safety culture assessment
  • Application review
  • Best practices
  • Continual improvement

Accelerate your achievement of Cal/ VPP STAR Status

Creating Conditions for success: Rosa Antonia Carrillo, M.S.O.D. will help you create the conditions for success, write the overall strategic plan to gain the cooperation, commitment and resources needed to achieve star status. She will also help you organize and train the teams that will drive the VPP initiative.

VPP Involvement, Promotion, and Recognition: Wendy Williams from Impax has over 10 years experience successfully marketing VPP to employees. Take advantage of the many educational and motivational tools that she has developed for companies nationwide. Visit Wendy's site.

VPP Assessment Planning, Self-Evaluation, and Correction: Ginger Rudisill has experience and expertise in CAL OSHA's Voluntary Protection Plan (VPP), ISO 14001, and the yet unofficial ISO 18000. Ms. Rudisill, as Environmental Health and Safety Manager for Aerojet, then Northrop Grumman, achieved certification for VPP and ISO 14001. Subsequent annual audits were hugely successful with no major findings and seldom any minor findings. She also performed as a Special Team Member with Cal-OSHA in a number of VPP certification audits. Additionally, she acted as a mentor to several companies who were seeking VPP certification.


All of our consultants have over 10 years experience with VPP sites. They have worked with GE, Exxon-Mobil Chemical, Hospira, Titleist, and others.