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What’s Different About Us

Rosa Carrillo, president of Carrillo & Associates, Inc.,  created a unique relationship-centered approach to leadership development in environment, safety and health.  She has been working with organizations to recover trust and open communication since 1993. The C&A team has partnered with high hazard companies in creating a culture of safety. We are employed by corporations and US regulatory agencies to advise on and develop its leadership in safety courses and manage culture change transformations that result in exponential safety improvements.

Our latest research had resulted in a process to engage managers in daily interactions and field visits. And we have the ways and means to engage employees in early reporting and participation in problem solving for increased safety, trust and open communication. This has resulted in our flagship programs, Relationship-Centered Leadership and Below the Waterline Conversations.

We have moved from behavior and culture based safety to relationship-based safety. By focusing on improving the way people relay information at work, we increase the timeliness, accuracy of communication and reduce the blame fixing that so often stops the effectiveness of safety programs.

Working in such diverse safety cultures as nuclear and the oil industry, C&A team members work in the field with the day-to-day problems caused by breakdowns in trust and communication. We do this by:

• Conducting assessments that measure the quality of communication, trust levels, and clarity of expectations.
• Providing settings where integrated work teams learn to listen, share information, and problem solve that is self-sustaining.
• We provide expertise and partner with the client to develop the ways and means to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Programs

Carrillo & Associates, Inc (C&A) provides motivational keynotes, leadership development worshops, coaching services, and supports safety culture transformation for companies in high hazard industries where reliability is essential.  Our expertise is particularly valuable to organizations where low trust and poor communication hamper improvement efforts.

Effectiveness in Safety Communications Survey

We use a validated survey that has been correlated to improved safety performance, productivity, and profitability. This unique process identifies the existing communication networks, their quality, and function. The survey design is based on extensive testing in the healthcare and airline industries. The applicability to complex, a high-hazard environment is proven.

Safety Leadership Development for Supervisors and Managers:

The quality of relationship between supervisor and worker is a vital communication link, but it is difficult for a supervisor to maintain the quality without upper management support. C&A’s programs address this fundamental problem by improving a manager’s ability to build collaborative, trusting, and motivating work environments. At the same time, given the unique challenges of operating a high-hazard facility, the training focuses on managing and enhancing employee performance as well as effective decision-making.

Structured Conversations that Change the Culture

Organizations are like icebergs, the most influential elements are below the waterline. If we keep making decisions and acting on them the way we’ve always done it, nothing will change. Through specific skill building and feedback our coaches work with cross functional work teams to help them change the way they talk about things, so that information will be transmitted in a timely, accurate and non blame-fixing manner. Through a combination of education and conversation about work related issues, leaders become aware of the assumptions that need to shift and identify how those changes will be reflected in their decisions and actions.

Regular face-to-face conversation is the most powerful change mechanism available to managers. Once leadership is in agreement, we help our clients identify and design the structures to support the right conversations at the right time.