Exquisite Risk: Why Social Connection Eats Rules

We have come to the understanding that risk cannot be eliminated, but it can be mitigated through various operational processes and technologies. Still, the effectiveness of these methods remains hampered in most organizations when those in power do not recognize the most powerful force that drives human behavior. This force is the need to belong.…

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Group Activities to Increase Psychological Safety and Mitigate Risk

I have used these group activities to increase psychological safety and increase safety awareness for many years. How can a team leader, safety professional, or GM contribute to the level of psychological safety on their team or in their facility? Much has been published on how psychological safety is important to organizational innovation, trust and…

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Ten Ways to Shut Down Bottom-Up Communication

Let’s explore how managers usually contribute to shutting down bottom-up communication. Where there are accidents, unhappy customers, or low productivity there is a shadow organization that people naturally don’t want to look at. People are making mistakes they don’t talk about. They are acting on partial information because they don’t want to ask dumb questions,…

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