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C&A Clients and Testimonials

C&A Clients and Testimonials

C&A specializes in clients who work in high hazard environments and recognize the importance improving and maintaining a safety culture to protect employees, the community and the environment. In particular, they see leadership as a primary driver of creating the type of business culture and core values they consider critical for success in the areas of safety, environmental protection and security.

Tony Chavez, former plant manager for AES and SCE

Rosa Carrillo helped us develop our safety program, and it was the most effective one we had during my career at Southern California Edison and AES. Most approaches focus on enforcing compliance, policies and procedures, but that doesn't work. Machinists will not report near misses if they fear being disciplined or having a note put in their personnel file. As soon as people stop talking about what's really going on accidents happen. Maybe not right away, but eventually. She taught us that you find the path of trust through common meaning, mutual respect and mutual purpose.

Team Leader, AES

Since working with Carrillo and Associates our team leaders have seen strong gains in employee commitment to safety. We experienced a greater than 40% improvement in our accident frequency rate.

Robert Brant, Safety Manager, US Postal Service (over 100 VPP sites)

As the head of safety for Mobil Chemical I hired Rosa Carrillo to facilitate several meetings for my staff and then for a team building retreat including 20 safety managers. She did a great job designing and facilitating. It was a powerful experience that helped us build good relationships and the communication to solve some tough challenges.  It takes more than staff meetings and sessions focused on technical issues to build a safety culture. I have kept using much of what I learned from those experiences.

William F. Maloney, Ph.D., Raymond-Shaver Chair, Professor of Construction Engineering and Project management, University of Kentucky

Rosa Carrillo has developed an approach to safety culture and safety improvement that goes far beyond what the construction industry is currently doing. Her work is pioneering and, I think, offers the possibility of a revolutionary change in how we approach safety in construction.

Partial List of Clients: 

  • US Regulatory Agencies
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
  • University of California Berkley
  • Los Alamos Labs
  • GE Hitachi Nuclear
  • San Onofre Generation Station
  • Southern California Edison
  • AES
  • NRG Power
  • NuStar Energy
  • Chevron
  • PG&E