Safety Culture in High Hazard Environments

By Rosa Carrillo | September 17, 2012

Part I: Nuclear Safety Culture There is no consensus on the definition of nuclear safety culture. There isn’t even a consensus on a definition between the NRC and INPO. So how can we expect the power plants to understand what it is? When a site is told they have a poor safety culture, and they…

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The Role of Relationships in Safety: Are we missing the boat?

By Rosa Carrillo | August 31, 2012

Maslow’s hierarchy taught us that we are motivated first and foremost by the need for food and shelter, then safety, and third the need for relationship or belonging. Neuroscience has changed that. Our need for relationship is at the same level as food and shelter. We have been focused on behavior and culture, and have…

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Spending More for Less Return? Time to revise your approach to safety culture

By Rosa Carrillo | August 18, 2012

Spending More for Less Return? Time to Revise Your Approach to Safety Culture True Case Study from Nuclear Industry  A company is facing a very difficult mandate to transform the company’s safety culture. Regulators found safety violations that have to be corrected within a year or the facility will lose its license to operate. The latest…

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