Relationship Based Safety

By Rosa Carrillo | January 31, 2014

Relationship Based Safety: Moving Beyond Culture and Behavior by Rosa Carrillo, MSOD was published in the ASSE Safety Professional December 2012 issue. In collaboration with Cary Usrey of Predictive Solutions, this article will be broken down into a six part series and published on Cary’s Blog. Ms. Carrillo will explain the concept of Relationship Based Safety…

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Women who work in Safety Health and Environmental See Themselves as Leaders

By Rosa Carrillo | January 10, 2014

Do Women Who Work in Safety, Health and Environment Consider Themselves Leaders?Our survey with Women in SH&E said, “yes!” Survey completed by Carrillo & Associates on Oct 12, 2013. Authors, Cheryl Archer, Kelly Bernish and Rosa A. Carrillo. The purpose of this survey was to inquire into the self-perception of women in Safety, Health and…

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Integrating Safety into Business and Team Based Environments

By Rosa Carrillo | May 7, 2013

  Companies are moving towards integrating safety into business and team based environments as a way to inject safety into every aspect of the way work is done. They don’t want safety to be seen as a separate function. Many managers believe that the basis of a good safety culture is a workforce willing to…

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Safety Communication in the Workplace: Measuring its effectiveness

By Rosa Carrillo | October 19, 2012

Is safety communication one of the weak points in your safety culture? There are ways to measure and improve it. But first, what are the important elements of safety communication in the workplace? When we talk about effective communication in a strong safety culture, what kind of picture comes into our mind? Do you see…

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Part II: Nuclear Safety Culture with Comment from Ed Schein

By Rosa Carrillo | September 26, 2012

Safety Culture in High Hazard Environments Part II: Nuclear Safety Culture with Comment from Edgar Schein Not everyone feels the term “safety culture” or “nuclear safety culture” helps in the goal to avoid failure.  They point out that a well-led and managed organization seems not only profitable but safe as well. Why add language that…

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Improve Organizational Relationships to Drive Change

By Rosa Carrillo | August 31, 2012

Improve organizational relationships to drive change. Maslow’s hierarchy taught us that we are motivated first and foremost by the need for food and shelter, then safety, and third the need for relationship or belonging. Neuroscience has changed that. Our need for relationship is at the same level as food and shelter. We have been focused…

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