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The Eight Beliefs of Relationship Centered Safety Leadership

By Rosa Carrillo | October 22, 2016

Relationship Centered Safety Leadership is the basis of strong safety performance. Based on my experience I have identified eight beliefs that are common to leaders who successfully communicate that safety is important while meeting business results. Most of them go against the beliefs I have experienced in my work. Everything I’ve published up to this point…

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Unleash the Creative Power of Your Workforce with the Courageous Act of Inclusion

By Rosa Carrillo | July 26, 2016

Why not unleash the creative power in your workforce with the free and courageous act of inclusion? What do we have to lose? Apparently most of us feel we have quite a bit to lose because of our fear of including the wrong person or group. Can we trust that this person will cover our back?…

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Why We Won't Catch Drift and Weak Signals

By Rosa Carrillo | July 9, 2016

Drift and weak signals are the new terms being used in the efforts to prevent disasters like the Gulf of Mexico spill and the erosion of ethics and standards in cases such as the Volkswagen emissions scandal and Enron’s financial collapse that lost billions in stock shares and pensions. Many precursors preceded these failures. If we were to do a root cause analysis we would…

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Inclusion and Accountability

By Rosa Carrillo | June 29, 2016

There is no accountability in an organization where people feel they don’t matter—that they are peripheral to the important work that needs to get done. Why would anyone be motivated to take on responsibility, go beyond minimum requirements, or contribute their creativity if he or she didn’t feel they were an important part of the…

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Innovation, Resilience, and Relationship: Interdependent and Inseparable

By Rosa Carrillo | May 25, 2016

Innovation and Resilience Are Supported by Relationship Why are innovation, resilience, and relationship interdependent and inseparable? Innovation requires risk, and if you take risks then you need resilience because there will be failure at some point. Resilience is the ability and will to learn from your mistakes, to try again. To have resilience you need relationship–a…

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Drift and Weak Signals: Early warnings of pending failure

By Rosa Carrillo | May 6, 2016

Drift and weak signals are first precursors to failure. People are our best asset to detect them so I’m going to continue making the case to consciously invest in creating the conditions for people to speak up. It doesn’t happen by itself because people don’t usually voice disagreement when everyone else seems to agree with what is happening. That’s why…

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Your Beliefs about People Can Inspire or Suppress Safety Excellence

By Rosa Carrillo | May 1, 2016

What are your beliefs about people and safety excellence? I have been writing about the influence of relationship on safety performance. Relationships are the foundation of sustainable success in every organization. As individuals we cannot survive without them, neither can our companies. The importance we place on relationships and our willingness to invest in them…

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What Motivates People to Stop an Unsafe Action?

By Rosa Carrillo | April 9, 2016

What motivates people to stop an unsafe action? Power and politics run organizations. It is all about who is in and who is out. When employees feel included, they contribute. When they feel excluded, they withdraw. Everyone wants employees who are willing to stop an unsafe action and take responsibility for safety but no one wants…

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Why Relationships Matter in Safety Performance

By Rosa Carrillo | October 25, 2015

Why Relationships Matter in Safety Performance by Rosa Antonia Carrillo, MSOD October 24, 2015 About 20 years ago I had a profound experience that changed the way I approach my work in safety. Prior to this I very much believed that if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist and that 90% of accidents are…

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Redesigning the Safety Function for the Year 2000

By Rosa Carrillo | July 17, 2015

Redesigning the Safety Function for the Year 2000, a 1995 article by Rosa Carrillo has been quoted as a seminal article for the application of systems thinking to safety as well as an in depth explanation of safety culture. Redesigning Safety presents an open systems model for redesigning the safety, health and environment (SH&E) function of companies.…

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